Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note: Our Customer Service Representatives are not licensed brokers and cannot offer any personal financial advice.

Logging into the website

What is the password?
The password is given to you once you sign up for the service, then changes monthly. Check your latest email for the current password.

Technical Problems

What if I can't log in?
Please confirm you are using the correct password. The password changes monthly. Please refer to the most recent newsletter email you have recieved from us. The password is listed on each email.

I'm not getting issues emailed to me.
For your convenience, we mail and email each monthly issue to you. Sometimes your junk mail or spam filter catches your subscription emails. Check your junk folder and make sure is on your contact list to avoid this in the future.

When I click on the links for the reports they won't open or read corrupt.
It could be that your Adobe reader needs to be updated. If you don't already have Acrobat Reader, you may download here There is no charge for this.

If you already have the most recent update of Adobe, try this:
Right click on the report you are interested in viewing. Left click on "save target as." When the next box pops up, make sure you change the "Save in" box up at the top to "Desktop." From there click "save" on the bottom right hand corner. Then, minimize your screen to show your desktop, find the icon that is related to the file you saved, and click to open.

The email is not printing correctly.
Just like a computer, printers need software updates also. If you go online to the printer manufacturer and enter the model number of your printer, they should have updated software to download for free. If you are having difficulty finding the information, contact your printer manufacturer directly for assistance.

About the Portfolio

How do I get started with investing in the recommendations?
You started the first step by joining Invest With The Insiders. Congratulations! Any of the securities listed (stocks and options) can be purchased through a broker — online or by phone.

I am looking at the portfolio. How many stocks or options should I buy and which ones?
It is really up to you and your investment comfort. We suggest subscribers consult with a financial adviser about which investments are best suited for them. We do offer buy and sell recommendations and specify optimal prices to buy stocks. However, this is our opinion only. We are not familiar with your personal financial situation.

The stock you recommend is above your "buy" price. What do I do?
We believe the best advice is to wait until the price drops down to our recommended "buy" price. What you ultimately decide to do is up to you.

Can you give me personal financial advice?
No. We are not financial advisers and cannot give you personal financial advice. Each person needs to make his or her own decisions on what to invest in. It is important to collect as much information as possible before making an investment decision. Our recommendations are our opinion only.

Invest With The Insiders made a recommendation on a particular stock/option, and I need more information about the company. Where do I find it?
We always conduct a detailed evaluation of each recommendation. The website has all current and past recommendations, which likely includes the information you are looking for. In addition, there are plenty of websites available that provide research on the stocks/options we recommend. The easiest thing to do is just go to and do a search on the stock.

I really want to see the bonus report I read about. Is that being sent to me?
There are many bonus reports, and they are all available online in the Special Reports section of the Invest With The Insiders website. Simply log in and read it online. We do not mail out the bonus reports.

I am looking for a specific report. How do I locate it?
Recommendations are usually listed in the order that they come out. The newest one will be on the top. Special reports are located underneath the trade recommendations.

How do I reach Customer Service?

Customer service is available Monday thru Friday, 8:30am to 8:30pm (Eastern); Saturday, 9:00am to 5:00pm (Eastern), closed Sunday.

By Phone: 1-800-485-4350

By E-mail:


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